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The Stamford Hospital

Main Campus


This project consisted of a master plan for a multi-phase renovation to a 30,000 SF imaging center. This included the construction of a new cardiac Catheterization Lab facility, replacement of an existing MRI unit and associated support spaces, and the addition of three ultrasound and associated technician areas, which included imaging facility staff offices, MRI waiting areas and general imaging admitting/waiting areas.

The complex elements of this project were primarily related to the existing central air system and the associated distribution ductwork. The phasing of the project required that the Cath Lab be the first unit on-line, though it was determined that a significant shortcoming existed within the air distribution and cooling system. This required a close analysis of the overall distribution system to ensure that air from non-critical areas could be utilized to achieve the required pressure relationship for the Cath Lab and adjacent areas using the existing HVAC systems.

The next phase of the project involved the installation of a new medical-grade 30,000 CFM air handling unit adjacent to an existing mechanical space. This required significant reworking and removal of existing structures and equipment in order to make space for the new unit, while retaining the existing unit in place. Due to the restricted access to the space from the imaging suite as well as the existing mechanical space, we were required to install all new supply and return ductwork for the new unit. This was necessary to not only support our current renovation work, but also to protect it from potential disruption from future renovation projects in that space.


Renovations to a 10-story, 200,000 SF Building, including:

  • Renovation to a 35,000 SF Medical Clinic, including Behavioral Health, Diagnostic Imaging, Medical/Surgery and Obstetrics, Family Practice & Pediatrics
  • Renovation to an existing Mammography Area for appointment scheduling
  • Elevator addition (5 stories)
  • Specification of a new 200 KW diesel Generator
  • Strategy & Marketing, IT & OCEG - MEP/FP Renovation of an existing 11,000 SF facility
  • Wound Care Center - design services including two state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers
  • New central UPS system for Integrated Services Department
  • New bulk oxygen storage facility for 2 hyperbaric chambers
  • Foundation renovation approx. 2,900 SF